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Why a Neutered cat food?

While neutering has many positive benefits, it does mean that your kitten or cat’s needs can change. Neutered cats can be more at risk of developing urinary tract infections. They are also more likely to stay closer to home or spend more time in their home. This means they have a higher chance of weight gain and hairballs. A specialised diet helps to support all of these additional needs.

Why Burgess Neutered cat?

Our advanced high protein recipe contains the essential nutrients and vitamins that your neutered cat needs to help them stay healthy and content. We recommend your neutered cat should be fed an adapted diet:

High in tasty and digestible meat protein to help maintain lean muscle mass

*Added L-Carnitine to help maintain a healthy weight

Formulated to support a healthy urinary system

We use a specialist ingredient to help teeth and gum health

The fibre in our recipe helps to prevent hairballs

Added yucca extract helps to reduce litter tray odours and helps with stool formation

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