Zehnder Halo Ceiling Fan

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Zehnder Halo Ceiling Fan – ZHC115ETSKA

Finish remodelling a bathroom by adding a Zehnder Halo ceiling fan. Highly functional this is a time extractor fan that features a 12 volt safety light. Easy to install this Zehnder Halo ceiling fan is suitable for internal bathrooms, WC’s and great for installing above showers. Included with this Zehnder Halo ceiling fan is a 230v induct fan, white external grille and a 3m x 125mm flexible PVC ducting. Users will appreciate the different operating options which include operation by remote switch or light switch. This bathroom ceiling fan includes an adjustable over-run timer that is factory set at 15 minutes. The ceiling fan is easy to install and sure to last for years to come. The Zehnder Halo ceiling fan in complete compliance with Building Regulation ADF2006 offering plenty of assurance and peace of mind.

Colour: White

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